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This is all about the fun, laughter, spills, thrills and tears of our Elite horses qualifying for the UK Nationals


Lewingales Painted Doll qualified for HOYS 2011 and RIHS

(pic by Ella Richardson)

Lewingales Electra Qualified for RIHS 2011

(picture by Ella Richardson)

Lewingales Sea Trinity qualified HOYS 2011 (she took 6th place)

Lewingales Spellbound qualified RIHS 2011

Lewingales Electra qualified for the 4th year running for HOYS and RIHS

(pic by Ella Richardson)

Lewingales Painted Doll qualified RIHS 2010 and took CHAMPION 2yr old British Miniature horse of 2010

(pic taken by Ella Richardson)

Lewingales Spellbound qualified for RIHS 2010

Lewingales Electra has proved she is yet again one of the top show horses in the UK today.
For the third year running she has qualified for HOYS and this time was placed as the UK'S number 4 in the 3yr & over mare & gelding class

And below is Sam Davies having a bit of fun before we went in the ring

She has qualified for RIHS 2010
Electra WON the 3yr old British Miniature Breed Championship Class and then went on to be Overall 3yr Old OF THE YEAR CHAMPION(against stallions)

GRAND CHAMPION of the Dolfynydd Horse Show - EMHA- she is pictured below
Electra was placed 6th at RIHS 2009 giving her one of the top placings in the UK


Lewingales Painted Doll on lease to Sam & Emma Davies is also proving to be one of the UK's top show horses.
Dolly was placed 2nd (Reserve Yearling Champion) at the RIHS National Championships 2009
and has already qualified for 2010 and was OVERALL CHAMPION at the qualifing show.

she already has 4 Reserve Championships and 3 Championship's behind her - for full results see my results page.

Dolly WON the Yearling Filly British Miniature Breed Championship and then went on to take OVERALL BRITISH MINIATURE BREED YEARLING CHAMPION (against colts)
(See Picture in Electra's section - Dolly's is the smaller one)
She has also just taken Reserve Champion at Monmouth County Show (MHCGB & EMHA)

Lewingales Dancing With The Stars
I have high hopes for this little filly who has already taken four Reserve Championships and two Grand Champions
Little Dance was 2nd in the British Miniature Breed Championship Yearling Filly (Beaten by Lewingales Painted Doll)
She has qualified for RIHS 2010
and has just taken the Championship at Monmouth County Show

Lewingales Golden Eye - owned by Ella Richardson
Well know at the Welsh shows can be seen below having a bit of fun

Nugget as he is know at home has qualified for RIHS 2010

Lewingales Spellbound - Owned by Karen Newman
Has again earned at top show place by qualifiying for RIHS 2009.
He was placed 6th at RIHS giving him one of the top UK placings


What fun I have had with this little girl, she qualified for HOYS at Brecon show winning a class of 14 and has also qualified for RIHS 2009 at Pembroke County.
Below you will see some pictures of the fun we have had, I fell over in my HOYS qualifier - what an idiot - and someone caught it on film so take a look at my pictures including pictures of HOYS - what an end to a fab year.

The pictures below show you can still have fun at the top

Ok I know the judge is watching me

So lets put my best foot forward

Yes I can win this

Whoops - well that got everyone's attention - keep smiling

Grit your teeth

Pick yourself up and get on with it
and I still won the class

Living the dream

We are finally here

Outside after HOYS 2008

Look at me - don't I look posh

What's so funny ?

Look Below at the next picture

What is Sam up to ? Is she happy to be at HOYS?
No she is trying to get Electra's attention for a photo shoot but Electra ended up laughing. This is what showing is all about - Here's to 2009 showing season !

This horse is going to go to the top, she qualified for RIHS 2009 at Pembroke County . She is out on show lease to Sam Davies, so Sam your off to the nationals. Tear Drop also went on to take the overall Miniature Championship at Pembroke.

Nugget (his stable name) is owned and shown by Ella Richardson qualified for RIHS at the NPS area 11

He was placed 7th at RIHS putting him well within the top 10 UK miniature horses - well done Ella

Picture above shows Nugget going past the bank at Hickstead.


Electra qualified for HOYS at her very first show, oh what a feeling, I had great joy yet also sadness that my Father could not share my joy, dad had known it was my dream to show at HOYS.
The day of HOYS arrived, I walked into the ring with tears rolling down my cheeks- if only my dad could have lived the dream with me it was awesome, I not only owned one of the UK's top ten horses - I had bred her !

Pictured above Electra after she qualified for HOYS at Brecon County.

Picture above Electra at HOYS

Electra also qualified for RIHS 2008 at Pembroke County Show - I think this little girl is going to steal my heart. She also went on to take the overall Miniature Championship.

Misty qualified at Pembrokeshire County Show for the 2008 show, however we made the choice not to take her or Electra as it was the only time we could take our holiday. Too many shows not enough time and although I would have loved to have gone we had a very nice holiday.

Solitaire qualified for the RIHS at the farewell to Zeals show, due to my Fathers death at the beginning of the year I took the decision not to take her as I was still learning to cope with the loss of my wonderful dad. I had thrown myself back into showing but my heart was still not in it.

Picture above shows her on the day she qualified.


Dancer qualified for RIHS, we were so proud of her, proving she could still stay at the top as a mature horse. But this is one of the sad stories about trying to get to the UK nationals, we did not make it to RIHS even though we had qualified two horses. My Father was dying from cancer and I could not cope with keeping my horses in show condition. My Father had to come first so we missed out.

Above picture of Dancer at her qualifying show.

BB qualified for the RIHS at his first show, what more could we have asked for. But if you have read the story above you will know we never got the chance to take him. However looking on the bright side he has gone on to be the sire of some of our top show stock, so although I did not get the chance to find out how he would have done his sons and daughters will go in his place.

Pictured above is BB in his moment of glory.


We were very proud to have qualified Dancer for the first ever UK National Miniature Horse classes at Hickstead.
She qualified at The Valley Spring Show winning a very large class.
She then went on to be placed 5th at RIHS making her one of the UK's top five miniature horses.

The picture above is when she qualified

What a wonderful moment - to walk past those famous planks


Star qualified at the BMHS Spring Show, how proud we were to have TWO of our minis taking part in the first year at Hickstead.

What a feeling - taking part in making history for the British Miniature Horse


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