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Hello, my name is Melanie and I run The Lewingale Miniature Horse Stud.
It began in 1993, when we purchased our first mini “Lewingale Peanuts”. We fell in love with him at Hay Horse Sale and bought him for my daughter Rebecca’s birthday. We then joined The British Miniature Horse Society and The International Miniature Horse & Pony Society. Everyone we met said how addictive they are and that we'd soon have loads of them - "what rubbish," we thought, "we may have one more to keep him company but that would be it!". We now own over 20 and they are shown all over the country. The first year of showing was a great success with my daughter and Peanuts having their picture in The Times newspaper and appearing on local television. What stardom in such a short time! From then on it was an ever increasing circle of more & more minis. We have won many championships including titles such as: Mare Of The Year 1998; Miniature Shetland Of The Year 1999; Miniature Foal of Britain 2001; Miniature Coloured Of The Year 2002. We also own 3 horses who have been graded as Elite Register ‘A’ National Show horse in Miniature.

We now pride ourselves on breeding top show quality foals from my two stunning stallions “Looking Glass Gorgeous” - a pure bred Falabella, and “Honey Brook Alfie” - who is pure
AMHA bloodlines and BMHS Registered

When I was a child my lifetime dream was to compete at The Horse of The Year show, well I have now lived that dream and with horses I have bred.

To find out more on our little horses please read my other pages.

Owner: Melanie Lewis       Established 1993       Tel: 01874 711232